Hi! I'm Alison Ketzner, a thirty-something Instructional Designer with a background in secondary education. While, I may not have decades worth of experience in the instructional design industry, I have gained invaluable knowledge and honed my skills through an internship and my current role as a curriculum consultant. I am passionate about developing training solutions for a variety of industries and wrangling complex content into engaging learning material. My mission is to foster the lifelong learning movement and make learning as simple and enjoyable as I can for each learner.

With a Bachelor's of Science (English) from the University of Kansas, an Education Certification from Washburn University, and [soon!] a Master's of Science (Instructional Design), I like to believe that I am well-versed in various instructional strategies. Working as a teacher, I discovered that while I enjoy working with students, I absolutely love instructional design! The creation of effective and engaging learning material is what make me passionate about my job as an instructional designer.

What else?

I'm the fur-parent to my rescue dogs, Maddie and Ziggy. When I'm not working or being a pet-parent, I enjoy cooking, reading, and painting (not at the same time)!